This is a series of articles about the stories behind fashion products and things that go on behind the scenes, delivering with a bit of a scathing perspective but with a love of products. Atsuo Watanabe, editor-in-chief of PRODISM magazine, Yukihisa Takei, editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, and Takuya Raita, a stylist, choose a theme each time and talk about the products we have selected. We have picked out the latest items that caught our eyes from five different brands!

Edit&Text : Atsuo Watanabe(PRODISM)&Yukihisa Takei(HONEYEE.COM)
Styling : Takuya Raita
Photo : Kengo Shimizu



“It's great that you can actually use them all as pockets” (Takei)

Takuya Raita (R): This puffer jacket is originally from GENERAL RESEARCH, but it has been redesigned by is-ness, with the hood added to create a striking look.

Yukihisa Takei (T): Is it GENERAL RESEARCH’s original design that comes with many pockets?

R: Yes, this is the series called 'Parasite Pockets'.

Atsuo Watanabe (W): So, that means is-ness has rearranged GENERAL RESEARCH's design even more?

R: It's hard to decide what to put where with so many pockets (laughs).

T: But the great thing about this jacket is that you can use them all as a pocket.

W: It’s got pockets even on the hood too.

R: I imagine it must have been such exciting times back then when this idea first came up (laughs).

W: I remember they showed this parasite design in a collection about 20 years ago and I was stunned by the impact of the product.

T: It's interesting that it still looks very new after so many years.

The puffer jacket, known as a masterpiece of GENERAL RESEARCH, has been redesigned with the is-ness style. This jacket is designed with countless pockets all over, yet all of them can be actually used for practical purposes. If you put your medicine in one of the pockets, it's bound to get confusing which pocket you put it in.

JACKET ¥154,000 / is-ness (alpha PR)
Tel: 03-5413-3546


Vest and Pants

“They’re very TIGHTBOOTH like silhouette” (Raita)

R: These vest and pants are made of stretchy and windproof 3-layer fabric.

W: It's a collaboration with TIGHTBOOTH, so looks like you can skateboard wearing these. Even so, the pants are pretty wide.

R: They’re very TIGHTBOOTH like silhouettes. But it's a very surprising collaboration.

T: I agree, it's such an unexpected combination.

W: Is it a fishing vest?

R: Apparently, it’s designed to be worn over outerwear, but I think it would also match a camping scene.

T: The items are not very typical F/CE.® in a good way but also very typical at the same time.

A collaboration between F/CE.®, designed by Toshifumi Yamane, and TIGHTBOOTH PRODUCTION, launched in 2005 by professional skateboarder Shinpei Ueno. TIGHTBOOTH's unique items have been made with F/CE.®'s technical materials.

Vest ¥35,200, Pants ¥38,500 / TIGHTBOOTH x F/CE.® (F/CE.® Flagship Store Tokyo)
Tel: 03-6452-5867

Children of the Discordance


“It's becoming a product with a certain sense of aesthetics” (Takei)

R: This blouson is made from vintage bandanas that have been re-dyed.

T: It's impressive that they've been re-dyed. There are indeed no bandanas in such colors as they were original. Apparently, they use original fabric printed with artwork hand-drawn by photographer Naoto Yoshida.

R: I think it's a remarkable piece as a product.

T: Items using these bandanas have become established as part of the brand and have a particular atmosphere. It's not just about using bandanas, but it's becoming a product with a certain sense of aesthetics.

W: I guess it's going to sell.

A piece from Children of the discordance, designed by Hideaki Shikama. The brand's symbolic creations using vintage bandanas have evolved even further with the use of post-dyed bandanas.

Children of the discordance
BANDANA ANORAK ¥195,800 / Children of the discordance (STUDIO FABWORK)
Tel: 03-6438-9575



“Outerwear that can be used in a wide range of outfits is the ultimate after all” (Watanabe)

R: The brand was originally focused on women's wear, but their menswear has recently been getting a lot of attention, such as remade items.

W: The arm parts are made very wide.

T: Many brands are releasing MA-1s this season.

R: The interesting thing about this is that you can adjust the silhouette with these inside strings. I remember these big silhouette MA-1s were popular a while ago.

T: Is the designer female?

R: No, the designer is a male, so the womenswear he designs is a bit masculine and cool.

W: It's plain, simple and well balanced. It looks like you could wear it in a modern outfit.

T: I think it would be useful to have a piece like this.

W: Outerwear that can be used in a wide range of outfits is the ultimate after all.

MA-1 jacket by 77CIRCA, which first gained its popularity from womenswear. The traditional MA-1 is sized up to give it a different taste from its military look. The silhouette can be adjusted with the inside strings.

MA-1 ¥63,800 / 77circa (77circa)
Tel: 03-6407-9466


Chuck Taylor

“I like the fact that, unlike other premium sneakers, people can't tell you're wearing Converse Addict just by looking at them” (Watanabe)

R: I have chosen these pink Chuck Taylor from Converse Addict this time.

W: Have they released my size, 28.5 cm yet?

R: Not yet.

T: Let's keep mentioning this (laughs).

W: It's shame and I'm jealous of those who have their sizes. I quite like these Vibram voluminous soles.

R: People wearing Converse are cool, aren't they?

T: Aren't more people wearing Converse again these days?

W: I like the fact that, unlike other premium sneakers, people can't tell you're wearing Converse Addict just by looking at them.

R: The key point is that the toe, sidelines and heel labels are colored in navy this time.

T: Talking about the color, this pink is a nice one. I sometimes want to wear fluorescent-colored Converse, but it's hard to find them in the Japanese line.

R: The colors that Converse Addict releases are always beautiful.

Converse Addict, the "ultimate Converse line", launched in 2008 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Converse. With the concept of "evolving vintage", each model they release is popular every time. Collaboration models often become a hot topic, but these colored models that capture the trend are also attractive, which will be released in pink in October for this season.

Converse Addict
CHUCK TAYLOR CANVAS OX ¥18,700 / Converse (Converse Information Center)
Tel: 0120-819-217

(From left to right) Atsuo Watanabe, Editor-in-Chief of PRODISM, Takuya Raita, Stylist, Yukihisa Takei, HONEYEE.COM)

Atsuo Watanabe / Editor-in-Chief, PRODISM

Born in 1973. After working as an editor for Asayan and Huge, he became a freelance editor and launched the product-focused magazine PRODISM in 2013, where he continues to work as the editor in chief. He is well versed in men's fashion, sneakers, and streetwear, and has a unique aesthetic.

Takuya Raita / Stylist

Born in 1986. Having assisted for Hiroyuki Kai, he became independent in 2012. While working mainly for men's fashion magazines, he is also known for his product styling that sensitively incorporates trends. Currently looking for an assistant.

Yukihisa Takei / HONEYEE.COM

Born in 1972. After working as an editor of the magazine EYESCREAM, he became the editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, but resigned after one year. After working as a freelance editor and creative director for various brand websites and media launches, he returned to his post as editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM in the fall of 2021.