This is a column about the stories behind fashion products and things that go on behind the scenes, delivering with a bit of a scathing perspective but with a love of products. Atsuo Watanabe, editor-in-chief of PRODISM magazine, Yukihisa Takei, editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, and Takuya Raita, a stylist, choose a theme each time and talk about the products we have selected. We have picked out the latest items that caught our eyes from five different brands!

Edit&Text : Atsuo Watanabe(PRODISM)&Yukihisa Takei(HONEYEE.COM)
Styling : Takuya Raita
Photo : Kengo Shimizu



I can wear this for the next ten years while enjoying the ageing (Raita)

Atsuo Watanabe (W): Oh, this is made from wool, not fleece.

Takuya Raita (R): That's right, this item is made of natural wool. It's shiny and very luxurious.

W: I can tell visvim is doing really good manufacturing.

R: I feel like I can wear this for the next ten years while enjoying the ageing over time.

Yukihisa Takei (T): I think just wearing it over a white T-shirt can create a nice, relaxed style.

W: Wear this with a pair of jeans, it's going to give off the vibe of, "Where did you get that vintage fleece?". visvim is good at expressing that kind of sense.

R: The same military-style fabric as the elbow patches is applied to the lining, and it's cool.

T: It's a piece that you'll be able to wear for a long time. I feel like visvim archives would be more expensive in the future.

This visvim fleece is made from a natural, delicate wool pile fabric instead of general polyester, giving it both a luxurious touch and a vintage look. The stand collar pullover blouson with snap buttons has a relaxed and dropped shoulder silhouette.

BARLOW P.O. ¥12,9800
Tel: 03-5778-3259


Sweatshirt, Kenji Suzuki Collab T-shirts

“This kind of style is another form of Tokyo's street fashion” (Takei)

W: These artworks are interesting.

T: It's the work of Kenji Suzuki, a Showa-era printmaker and proletarian artist who continued to stand up for workers' rights. I heard the designer, Yokoyama (Daisuke) san, loved it and the collaboration came to life this time.

W: The use of vintage-style sweatshirt fabric gives a certain flare to it. I wouldn't wear it myself, but I think it looks good on young people.

R: The prices are also affordable.

T: I personally think this kind of style is another form of Tokyo's street fashion.

W: Anarchy, or something like that, I guess.

R: People look great in Sasquatchfabrix. are genuinely stylish and cool as they have their own personality.

W: But message-wise, it's not an item for a generation like us to wear because it will be too serious and straightforward (laughs).

A series of printed sweatshirts and T-shirts symbolising the AW 2022 season from Sasquatchfabrix. with the impressive slogan-like theme " Value The Working Class". The graphics on the T-shirts feature the work of Kenji Suzuki, a Showa-era printmaker who also produced a number of proletarian works, and the items are timeless, with a message that is relevant to today.

Vintage Sweatshirt ¥19,800
Yokota Daishukai Tシャツ ¥8,800
Kubikiri Zenmen Tekkai Tシャツ ¥8,250


OVERDYE KL viper send tracks T  / OVERDYE KL ce002 T

“The graphics are difficult to understand as usual (laughs)” (Takei)

R: I have chosen these as I rarely see garment-dyed graphic T-shirts in bright colors from C.E.

W: That’s true, I don't often see garment-dyed T-shirts like these by C.E recently.

T: There must be some meaning to the graphics, but they are difficult to understand as usual (laughs).

R: When you see someone wearing C.E in the city, you can tell it’s from C.E.

W: Also, the fact that C.E makes this kind of colored products, I guess these pink and green are the trend.

T: Hmm, the more I look at it, the more I want it.

W: It looks like you can wear it until autumn or so.

C.E T-shirts colored in pink and green, which are different from the banal fluorescent vividness, created by product dyeing. The graphics are very much C.E style.

OVERDYE KL Viper Send Tracks T ¥9,900
OVERDYE KL CE002 T ¥9,900


Shell Jacket

“I feel that Goldwin is the best partner for them” (Watanabe)

W: Is this an authentic ski wear?

R: I heard that they pay homage to a big mountain ski wear from the 90s this time.

T: Do you thinnk KAPTAIN SUNSHINE proposed that?

R: I kind a feel so. It's made in oversized, so the silhouette is very contemporary, and their collaboration is popular every time.

W: KAPTAIN SUNSHINE has collaborated with many otherbrands in the past, but I feel that Goldwin is the best partner for them. Maybe it's because the designer, (Shinsuke) Kojima-kun, actually used to ski. I think this has just the right balance of fashion elements added to it, with no boorishness of typical sportswear.

Another collaboration between KAPTAIN SUNSHINE and Goldwin. The latest model pays homage to classic big mountain ski wear and offers a combination of functionality and stylishness.

KAPTAIN SUNSHINE Shell Jacket ¥110,000
Tel: 03-6277-2193

Engineered Garments × Easymoc

Slide Bit Moc

“Exotic leather looks stylish as an effortless item” (Raita)

T: Is Easymoc a famous brand?

R: They're a handmade shoe brand from the USA, founded in 2021, so they’re fairly new.

T: It's exactly the kind of brand that Nepenthes would discover. I once asked a buyer how they do their buying, and he said that sometimes it's like driving around the US and finding a brand by chance.

W: I like the idea that they collaborate with these new brands as well. I think the Lizard one might be good to match with a suit or formal style.

T: I can see they would go well with Engineered Garments’ matching sets.

R: Exotic leather looks stylish as an effortless item.

W: But you have to add a touch of elegance, otherwise it looks a bit rough.

T: This Easymoc is so classic it's hard to believe it's a new brand.

R: Moccasin shoes are their main product, but their other original shoes are looking cool too.

W: I will keep an eye on if any stores in Japan will carry it.

Despite the classic feel of the shoes, Easymoc is actually a new brand launched in 2021, even though it looks like a hidden, long-established American brand. The collaboration models with Engineered Garments introduced here have both a classic and modern feel. Easymoc is likely to continue to attract more attention.

Slide Bit Moc ¥56,600
Tel: 03-6419-1798

(From left to right) Atsuo Watanabe, Editor-in-Chief of PRODISM, Takuya Raita, Stylist, Yukihisa Takei, HONEYEE.COM)

Atsuo Watanabe / Editor-in-Chief, PRODISM

Born in 1973. After working as an editor for Asayan and Huge, he became a freelance editor and launched the product-focused magazine PRODISM in 2013, where he continues to work as the editor in chief. He is well versed in men's fashion, sneakers, and streetwear, and has a unique aesthetic.

Takuya Raita / Stylist

Born in 1986. Having assisted for Hiroyuki Kai, he became independent in 2012. While working mainly for men's fashion magazines, he is also known for his product styling that sensitively incorporates trends. Currently looking for an assistant.

Yukihisa Takei / HONEYEE.COM

Born in 1972. After working as an editor of the magazine EYESCREAM, he became the editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, but resigned after one year. After working as a freelance editor and creative director for various brand websites and media launches, he returned to his post as editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM in the fall of 2021.