Shun Komiyama Will Launch A New Photobook

Text Yukihisa Takei

216 pages - "A record of my 1,500km journey from Yokohama to Sapporo on a motorbike, with no idea where I was going."

Shun Komiyama, one of the leading popular photographers and also known for his work in the fashion industry, will release his new photobook 'call, overhaul, and roll', which is his first book in four years, on 1 November in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

This latest release compiles a 1500km road trip that Komiyama took on his motorbike from Yokohama, where he lives, to Sapporo. This journey was born out of his personal determination to "pursue the positive meaning of 'getting lost' in today's society, where efficiency is dominating, and 'let's get lost as much as I can'" while he spends extremely busy days as a photographer.

However, he initially didn't intend to publish the work as it was just a record of this trip, but after reviewing the photographs on film from his pure perspective, he decided to make a photobook from them. This 216-page volume will be published in A5 hardcover format.

In conjunction with the launch, a pop-up exhibition will be held at Daikanyama Tsutaya in Tokyo on 1 November, followed by a solo exhibition that will also tour Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto. Pre-orders are now available at the website below, so check out the details.


Shun Komiyama ‘call, overhaul, and roll
A5 hardcover / 216 pages (134 images + 6 pages of text) / Limited edition of 1,000 copies
Standard edition ¥3,900 + tax
Special edition with a print A4 size: ¥30,000 + tax, A3 size: ¥50,000 + tax

Standard edition includes  
1: Travelogue by the artist (A3 size, folded in four, printed on both sides), approx. 12,000 words.
2: Pin-back button

Special edition includes
1: Travelogue by the artist
2: Pin-back button
3: Original print (inkjet print, not framed)
*Print options can be selected from works included in the book after ordering
*A3 size ¥55,000, A4 size ¥33,000, both size are editioned (A3: 5 prints A4: 10 prints)

Launch exhibition schedule
Tokyo POP UP at Daikanyama Tsutaya: 2022/11/1
Sapporo Solo Exhibition at ie Sapporo: 19 November - 3 December 2022
Tokyo Solo Exhibition at BOOK AND SONS: 12 - 31 January 2022
Nagoya Solo Exhibition at C7C gallery: 4 - 19 February 2023
Kyoto POP UP at haku kyoto: 23 - 26 February 2023