This is a column about the stories behind fashion products and things that go on behind the scenes, delivering with a bit of a scathing perspective but with a love of products. Atsuo Watanabe, editor-in-chief of PRODISM magazine, Yukihisa Takei, editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, and Takuya Raita, a stylist, choose a theme each time and talk about the products we have selected. We have picked out the latest items that caught our eyes from five different brands!

Edit&Text : Atsuo Watanabe(PRODISM)&Yukihisa Takei(HONEYEE.COM)
Styling : Takuya Raita
Photo : Kengo Shimizu



“I feel like Minami-san does the silhouettes and Nishino-san finds the original items” (Raita)

Takuya Raita (R): This is a brand by (Takayuki) Minami-san from and (Daishi) Nishino-san from Nishinoya, which made its debut last season. The concept is "clothes you want to have in your wardrobe".

Atsuo Watanabe (W): Did they make these as loungewear?

R: I think they often make these kinds of classic items.

Yukihisa Takei (T): The brand started out with just trousers, and each season they release items that have some kind of roots and update them in a modern way.

W: I guess you can appreciate the different silhouettes and materials of the original items, and enjoy the modern look.

R: I feel like Minami-san does the silhouettes and Nishino-san finds the original items.

W: It looks comfortable and I think it would be convenient to have both top and bottom to go out for a bit.

T: I actually thought the brand wouldn't last that long with their motivation (laughs), but it's good to see them continuing it and updating like this.

TapWater is a brand by Takayuki Minami from, who also runs Graphpaper and FreshService, and Daishi Nishino from Nishinoya, who produces NEAT, a brand specializing in trousers. The brand initially started out offering only trousers but has gradually expanded its range of items. These easy tracksuits, made from jersey material like that used for gym wear, give a laid-back vibe and are inspired by vintage clothing archives.

Polartec Fleece Jacket ¥30,800, Trousers ¥26,400
alpha PR
Tel: 03-5413-3546


Denim Jacket

"They make this denim jacket from a single piece of fabric and that idea is amazing" (Takei)

R: It's a niche brand called O- Rei Cho Rui Lab.

W: I don't really get it, but it's an impressive brand name anyway (laughs). But the arm part is super wide.

T: And this denim jacket is made from a single piece of fabric. I think that idea is amazing.

R: They also produce items like very stretchy trousers, and you can tell they're very particular about materials and the way they make products.

W: Are they a new brand?

R: They've been around for about seven years now and I've been eyeing them for a long time. The size is loose-fitting, so it looks good to wear with a hoodie or something underneath.

T: It's an unusual item, but it's not eccentric, so it can be worn casually.

W: The brand seems to have a strong fanbase. I'll have to keep an eye on them.

This denim jacket by O- Rei Cho Rui Lab, whose name has a strong impact, is tailored from a single piece of fabric. This piece incorporates a sophisticated playfulness while utilising a classic design.

XXLSS - Light Fade Bio - ¥52,800
Tel: 03-6434-0921


Camo Shirt

“Let's keep an eye on A BATHING APE®︎'s comeback” (Watanabe)

R: Since this first camo series was reissued about 20 years ago, it has been released with various items every season.

W: Oh, that's an old tag! You know, A BATHING APE®︎ is really popular these days, I passed by their store the other day and there was a long queue. I've heard BAPE STA™ is popular among high school students.

R: Maybe one of the reasons it has become so famous among young people is that YouTubers wear them.

T: The strength of the brand is you can tell which brand the items are from at a glance.

W: A BATHING APE®︎ is outdoor and vintage clothing based, so I think it fits in with the current trends.

T: It's exciting to see the brand is still popular after almost 30 years.

W: Let's keep an eye on A BATHING APE®︎'s comeback.

R: Some other old items may be reprinted in the future.

A BATHING APE®︎ is known as the pioneer in introducing the camo pattern, which had a strong military impression, into pop fashion. This shirt that reissues the original camo pattern from the early days of A BATHING APE®︎ has not lost its brilliance over the times.

Bape Store Harajuku
Tel: 03-5474-0204



"This yellow coloring is the rare G-Shock model" (Watanabe)

R: This is the ninth N.HOOLYWOOD x G-SHOCK collaboration.

W: This yellow coloring brings back memories.

T: So the base model is the DW-5600 and the black clasp is the N.HOOLYWOOD design for this collaboration?

R: I think so, and I found out for the first time that G-SHOCK originally became popular in the US first and then became well-known in Japan as a reverse-imported product.

T: I like the timeless design of G-SHOCK, and I'm very happy with the DW-5600 watch I always wear. But do you think they've made it in this color to give it a toy-like look?

W: Rare G-Shock models for our generation are the yellow ones, I remember the yellow models were sold at a very high price in the 90s. It reminds me of the G-SHOCK ‘Kujira’ (Whale) and Baby-G ‘Iruka’ (Dolphin).

R: It's fun to see all sorts of old G-SHOCKs at second-hand shops.

T: I like that it comes with this pouch, and that's very N.HOOLYWOOD.

The ninth collaboration between N.HOOLYWOOD and G-SHOCK. Based on the standard DW-5600 model, it comes in a vivid yellow and a matching nylon ripstop stuff sack.

DW-5600NH22-9JR ¥24,200
Tel: 03-5414-5071



“It looks like a normal logo, but it's very elaborate”(Takei)

R: This label was recently started by a buyer from BEAMS T and a guy who runs Diaspora Skateboards. I heard they will be releasing fashion items like this every season while hosting exhibitions with artists.

T: This logo on the chest looks like an iron-on print, but it’s actually embroidery. It looks like a normal logo, but it's very elaborate.

W: It's such an interesting contrast with that attention to detail while using a standard GOAT body. I hope this kind of brand lasts for a long.

R: I'd like them to keep doing it and see where it goes as a brand.

T: This effortless style is probably what makes it so attractive.

W: I think it's good to see people from big apparel companies starting to do their own projects outside of the company. It's great that they are doing it with their real abilities.

It uses a standard American GOAT sweatshirt for the body and is finished with college or corporate-style embroidery to create a piece with a sense of effortlessness. It looks simple but gives a certain aesthetic of style to the item. The label is likely to continue to be one to keep an eye on.

Original Emblem Crewneck Sweatshirt ¥15,400

(From left to right) Atsuo Watanabe, Editor-in-Chief of PRODISM, Takuya Raita, Stylist, Yukihisa Takei, HONEYEE.COM)

Atsuo Watanabe / Editor-in-Chief, PRODISM

Born in 1973. After working as an editor for Asayan and Huge, he became a freelance editor and launched the product-focused magazine PRODISM in 2013, where he continues to work as the editor in chief. He is well versed in men's fashion, sneakers, and streetwear, and has a unique aesthetic.

Takuya Raita / Stylist

Born in 1986. Having assisted for Hiroyuki Kai, he became independent in 2012. While working mainly for men's fashion magazines, he is also known for his product styling that sensitively incorporates trends. Currently looking for an assistant.

Yukihisa Takei / HONEYEE.COM

Born in 1972. After working as an editor of the magazine EYESCREAM, he became the editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, but resigned after one year. After working as a freelance editor and creative director for various brand websites and media launches, he returned to his post as editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM in the fall of 2021.