This is a column about the stories behind fashion products and things that go on behind the scenes, delivering with a bit of a scathing perspective but with a love of products. Atsuo Watanabe, editor-in-chief of PRODISM magazine, Yukihisa Takei, editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, and Takuya Raita, a stylist, choose a theme each time and talk about the products we have selected. We have picked out the latest items that caught our eyes from five different brands!

Edit&Text : Atsuo Watanabe(PRODISM)&Yukihisa Takei(HONEYEE.COM)
Styling : Takuya Raita
Photo : Kengo Shimizu

WACKO MARIA × Jean-Mihel Basquiat

Crewneck Jumper and Cardigan

“These items are the ones that Basquiat himself would be very happy with” (Takei)

Atsuo Watanabe (W): Oh, Basquiat’s work is printed all over. So nice!

Takuya Raita (R): They've collaborated before, but I thought it's quite rare for items like a cardigan.

Yukihisa Takei (T): The aloha shirts we introduced before were also impressive, but I feel these items are the ones that Basquiat himself would be very happy with.

W: You can see from these items but WACKO MARIA's product quality has improved even more over the last few years.

T: I agree, and I really want to get one of these.

W: You should go for it. But aren't you being generous these days, Takei-san (laughs)?

WACKO MARIA has previously released outstanding collaborations using Jean-Michel Basquiat's works on their signature Hawaiian shirts, but the new items come in a cardigan and knitwear. Once again, they beautifully present Basquiat's work on these items all over. While many collaborations use his artwork by just printing on items, they successfully capture the artist's unique style.

WACKO MARIA × Jean-Mihel Basquiat
Crewneck Jumper ¥63,800, Cardigan ¥59,400
Paradise Tokyo
Tel: 03-5708-5277
© Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Licensed by Artestar, New York.


Bean Boots

“This white color is so bold but very stylish” (Watanabe)

R: These are not regular items, but nonnative sometimes releases these bean boots. They are made in Italy with pile fleece inside.

W: Are they nonnative's original ones?

R: Yes, these are their original boots. I heard they're hidden masterpieces that sell out as soon as they're released.

T: But I guess the base is “that" bean boots.

W: This white color is so bold but very stylish.

T: Bean boots were so popular back in the day that you saw them in magazines every month.

W: I think they're very photogenic. They're a must-have for outdoor fans, and when exclusive ones are released, there's always a queue.

T: But I've barely seen anyone wearing bean boots on the street (laughs).

Bean boots by nonnative, the brand with an established reputation for shoemaking. The front zip-up style is also a unique feature of these shoes, and the chunky soles with slim shape also go well with nonnative's trousers. The model introduced this time comes in a striking all-white coloring.

Bean Boots ¥76,780
Tel:  03-6452-3072


Matching Knit Set

“The brand is very popular among stylists” (Raita)

T: I went to the NICENESS' exhibition the other day and was impressed by each item's high-level materials and design. I felt the brand that could grow more, but I was surprised to hear that they aren't stocked at that many stores yet.

R: This matching set looks like a sweatshirt, but it's knitted using very high-quality material.

W: It looks like it's made loose, so it might get stretched out as you wear them.

T: I feel these items are not very NICENESS in a way, aren't they?

R: That's true, but it's still NICENESS, so they look like they're made with attention to detail in the sewing and such.

T: Plus, NICENESS uses many different materials in one season, so just making samples must be a lot of work.

R: Even just that would be a lot of cost and energy. Maybe that's why it's so popular among stylists.

W: I can tell the use of high-quality materials, but their clothes would look too plain when they are displayed on the racks in stores. You won't get a sense of the quality of the product until you actually wear it. Well, if you wear it, that's all  (laughs).

A knitted matching set from NICENESS, a brand that has been gaining popularity in recent years. They look like a standard sweatshirt top and bottom, but by finishing them with knitted, they give a sophisticated feel even when grown-ups wear them and the quality of the material is obvious.

Knitted Parka ¥70,400 Knitted Trousers ¥75,900
Tel: 03-6712-7034

F.C.Real Bristol

Paisley Down Vest

“Their atmosphere of casual wear for adults hasn't changed” (Watanabe)

R: This down vest uses a bandana pattern, which has come back into a trend recently again.

W: This pattern is available in other outerwear, isn't it? I was going to buy a different item with a camo pattern, but it was sold out already.

T: I remember there was also a different bandana-patterned series before.

W: I think they do this regularly. F.C.R.B. makes good plain design products, but catchy items like this make me want to buy more stuff.

T: Some people wear F.C.R.B. as golf wear, and I can understand that sense of it. They're like a mix of street and sportswear.

W: Their atmosphere of casual wear for adults hasn't changed.

R: I have the impression that they are the pioneer of this kind of fashionable sportswear.

T: Let's keep an eye on how they will continue the brand.

A down vest by F.C.R.B. with sporty style, using a paisley pattern that gives a strong American casual and vintage feel. It’s an ideal piece for a wide range of styles and wearing it with sweatpants will complete a perfect look.

Down Vest ¥44,000
Tel: 03-5775-2290


Multi-colored Blouson

“When someone well versed in archives makes items like this, it brings out their personality” (Watanabe)

R: The owner of a second-hand clothing shop called danjil in Machida is involved in this brand.

W: Wow, this one is reversible.

T: Surprisingly, it's not a remake from vintage clothes.

R: But it has that kind of vintage vibe. Also, it's a reversible piece, but both sides are very well designed.

T: The way they use the colors is amazing.

W: Is danjiri famous in Machida?

R: Yes, and also popular among people who like B-boy culture.

T: A friend of mine who is a stylist recommended me that shop about six years ago. It's interesting to see a second-hand clothing shop in Tokyo creating a new trend by making their own clothes.

W: I wonder why someone well versed in archives can create items like this that bring out their personality. I’d like to see a wider range of line-ups with more items.

The owner of danjil, a second-hand clothing shop in Machida, Tokyo that has gained popularity amongst highly sensitive fashion lovers, is involved in this brand. The piece looks like a combination of vintage military wear and fleece, yet it's a highly sophisticated item released as a new product. It looks like we should keep an eye on the brand.

Reversible Blouson ¥66,000

(From left to right) Atsuo Watanabe, Editor-in-Chief of PRODISM, Takuya Raita, Stylist, Yukihisa Takei, HONEYEE.COM)

Atsuo Watanabe / Editor-in-Chief, PRODISM

Born in 1973. After working as an editor for Asayan and Huge, he became a freelance editor and launched the product-focused magazine PRODISM in 2013, where he continues to work as the editor in chief. He is well versed in men's fashion, sneakers, and streetwear, and has a unique aesthetic.

Takuya Raita / Stylist

Born in 1986. Having assisted for Hiroyuki Kai, he became independent in 2012. While working mainly for men's fashion magazines, he is also known for his product styling that sensitively incorporates trends. Currently looking for an assistant.

Yukihisa Takei / HONEYEE.COM

Born in 1972. After working as an editor of the magazine EYESCREAM, he became the editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM, but resigned after one year. After working as a freelance editor and creative director for various brand websites and media launches, he returned to his post as editor-in-chief of HONEYEE.COM in the fall of 2021.