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Subtly influenced by the distinct seasons, or due to the Japanese people's particular character, everyday clothes with both functional materials and details occupy a large part of Japan, and at the same time have attracted the attention of the world. HONEYEE.COM's serial "City Tech" focuses on the dual elements of fashion and function, and selects and introduces a single product every week.

In #1, the introduced product is the Convoy jacket from alk phenix.

Edit&Text Yukihisa Takei
Photo TAWARA(MagNese)
Translation Zhuoqin Li

City Tech Resurrection

It is rare for brands to come back/resurrection after the curtain ends. Among them, the resurrection of alk phenix this quarter can be described as a pleasant surprise. alk phenix originates from the famous brand phenix for Skiing Wear. With the theme of "walking" on the street, alk phenix has created a series of clothing with both trendy atmosphere and practical function.

The single product with the dual characteristics of light weight and flexibility is the main product of alk phenix, which is made of Tech materials. It has successfully attracted a lot of praise and love. Unfortunately, in 2020, the brand suddenly announced the suspension, and the sound of sighs was repeated. However, the new item that announced the revival of alk phenix suddenly appeared unexpectedly, which is our Convoy jacket.

At first glance, this is a very nice mid-length coat with a military feel. However, what makes this jacket special is the number of pockets on the front of the body, as well as the zipper configuration inside the pockets, the number of pockets cannot be counted. (actually 14)

It's not just about the amazing number of pockets

This achieves the "going out empty-handed" that City Tech fans are striving for, but if it's just for this purpose, it seems to be a little "excessive force". As you can see from the pictures, these numerous pockets actually play a role in the design.

For the body, a lightweight, highly elastic nylon-based waterproof material "Karu stretch II" was newly developed, and part of it was compounded with GORE-TEX INFINIUM material to make the exterior waterproof, breathable and lightweight. It's not just a jacket with a lot of pockets.

The hood part can be stowed into the collar for easy activities or riding in the rain. So naturally, the surprising functional design is integrated into every part of the single product. However, the main point of the Convoy Jacket now officially starts .

The outdoor jacket is transformed into a backpack

At first glance, it may sound like an unnecessary function, but it turns into a lightweight backpack by wrapping the zipper from the jacket shape. This unexpectedly complex structure makes people have to be convinced by the strong obsession of designers and producers. Further speculation, this Convoy Jacket also contains the enthusiasm of "let's do something shocking during this alk phenix resurrection commemoration ".

Leaving aside the Convoy System, this work will surely attract the attention of many people from the perspective of design and function. In addition to the accident, alk phenix's sudden and heavy return operation also makes people look forward to what kind of surprises the brand will bring in the future.


alk phenix
Convoy jacket / Karu-Stretch Taffeta II x GORETEX SUPER LIGHT
Material: Surface Nylon 100% / Inside Nylon 96%, Spandex 4%
Weight : 0.820kg


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