Editor's Personal Favorite Skin Care|Vol.1


Recently, there seems to be a trend of skincare among men. However, in the face of many products in the market, there must be many distressed voices who do not know how to choose a good one.  HONEYEE.COM has launched a series of "Editor's Personal Favorite Skin Care". Editor M, who has a lot of insight into skincare, recommends the skincare product from the dual perspectives of skin feel and aesthetic design.

The product introduced in Vol.1 must be very interesting to fashion lovers, which is the first lotion launched by FACETASM.

Text Takaaki Miyake
Translation Zhuoqin Li

As early as a year ago, I heard the news about the launch of first skincare series by FACETASM, a representative fashion brand in Japan. I have been eager to try it since its releases, and finally take this opportunity to experience it.

FACETASM's skincare series is not aimed at special problems such as pores blackheads and skin redness, but is based on the concept of "repairing the skin from the root, so that the plain makeup can show a healthy and full daily state".

In terms of packaging design, the glossy outer packaging is quite eye-catching, and the inner bottle is made of glass with a thick texture, making skincare products a dazzling corner on the dressing table. It is a  charming design produced by FACETASM.

In terms of the feeling of use, the texture of the water tends to be refreshing, but the face is unexpectedly infiltrating the skin. The official recommendation is to use lotion + essence of the same series, but personally I still recommend the follow-up lotion or cream to lock in moisture.

The most surprising thing is its fragrance. In addition to the efficacy of skincare products, various brands will also pay attention to fragrance, but the performance of this lotion is far beyond expectations. The deep woody tone is subtly mixed with a little spicy sweetness, which is quite impressive, and can even be comparable to perfume. Relatively individual flavors may have different flavors. If it is a little strong for use in the morning on weekdays, maybe it will be different for night or weekend care.

There is no need to say more to FACETASM’s fans. If you have more pursuits in the design and fragrance of skincare products, please try it out!

Volumn: 120ml