Goldwin 0  GORE-TEX 3L Shell Jacket

Influenced by seasonal factors with distinct seasons, or due to the Japanese craftsmanship,  the clothes with both functional materials and details has attracted worldwide attention. HONEYEE.COM serializes "City Tech", focusing on the dual elements of trend and function, and selects and introduces a single product every week.

The product introduced in File 02 is GORE-TEX Shell from Goldwin 0.

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A popular brand that suddenly appeared

In this year's City Tech Wear, the most important news is the launch of Goldwin 0.

At present, the company which operates Goldwin is operating brands such as THE NORTH FACE in Japan. However, Goldwin, its top brand, has implemented a brand remodel in recent years, and has continuously launched a series of elegant works in the field of Tech Wear. Among them, in March this year, its new "experimental platform" branch line Goldwin 0 appeared.

Goldwin 0, jointly created by the Japanese Goldwin team and the famous London design firm OK-RM, further pursues the high-end performance of the fusion of functionality and fashion aesthetics on top of the functional material technology accumulated by the company for many years. While there are articles on the currently flourishing environment-friendly materials, it also integrates artistic elegance and functional design.

Recently, Goldwin 0 series is released, but it is directly displayed in DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA and other actions, which is different from the so-called Tech Wear, so it is bound to attract considerable attention.

Use concise design language to interpret rich functions

This time we picked this "GORE-TEX 3L Shell Jacket". Compared with the mainline Goldwin, the more concise and neat design is impressive. After discarding the superficial Logo, it subtly makes people focus on the strength and durability of this work.

Needless to say, the GORE-TEX is equipped with the designed zipper details to effectively resist the invasion of rain, including the double zipper configuration on the front, which effectively integrates the functional quality into the design shape.

There are three details in this work that are particularly eye-catching

The first is the design of the ventilation holes under the armpits on both sides, combined with the performance of its own GORE-TEX fabric, it is convenient for the body to permeate moisture and perspiration in time and keep dry. The vital breathable element in outdoor equipment is also equipped in this City Tech.

The shape of the hood is similar to the brim, making it extra friendly in rain or riding situations.

The magnet configuration at the neck is quite low-key, it seems that the connection to the middle layer is deliberately considered. Even if the functionality is rich, it is still embedded in a simple and reasonable design for display, and the design concept combined with the actual situation is also highlighted here.

The material is 100% environmentally friendly polyester, and the surface fabric reaches 75D (Denier), which is the same level of strength as professional ski equipment. Compared with the regular Outdoor Wear, the looser silhouette also gives more possibilities for daily stacking and collocation.

As an established star in the field of outdoor functional clothing, Goldwin 0 will undoubtedly attract more attention in the future. If you like City Tech Wear, don't miss it.


Goldwin 0
GORE-TEX 3L Shell Jacket ¥110,000
Material : Surface Recycle Polyester 100% (resin coating) / Inner 100% Polyester Polyester
Color : Dark Charcoal / Navy / Black


Goldwin 0

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TEL : 0120-307-560