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File 003 : Grand Gallery (Tomigaya Shibuya, Tokyo)

In the age of intelligent information, mobile phones shows that we can go everywhere we want. Instead, how about taking your phone to those “must-go” places to experience it for yourself? HONEYEE.COM has launched DESTINATION STORE, a series of store introductions, to recommend destinations which are worth visiting.

Grand Gallery which is introduced in File 003, a gallery-style selection store that keeps moving forward on the development of cultural communication.

Text Yukihisa Takei
Photo Li Bowen
Translation Zhuoqin Li

Set the exhibition hall and the selection shop as one, and continue to develop the cultural communication

Legendary Shopkeeper

From Yoyogi Park Station, there is a small movable display window next to the children's park, which looks quite cute. However, through the window, we were amazed by the unique open space and strong atmosphere inside the store.

Although Grand Gallery is a grocery store, its entity is actually more like a "Gallery" as its name suggests. When we went to visit this time, the main space of the store was holding a poster exhibition of The Blues Brothers.

"The display in the store will be changed from time to time every month. Our store has a collection of posters related to music, movies, photography and other cultural aspects, as well as a few brand-limited items, and these items will be changed for display from time to time.  People who are interested in culture and people who are interested in brands are different, even if they are similar. Occasionally we also operate on an appointment basis. "

Yasushi Ide, the owner of Grand Gallery, told us this. Ide has been active in the field of music creation and DJ since the 1980s. He is a legendary figure who has influenced the cultural development of Tokyo, and many readers must have heard of it. Grand Gallery is a personal brand founded by Ide in 2005. In 2009, it opened a several-storey physical store in Shibuya and Udagawa-cho, and then moved to its current address in 2011.

"In the previous building of the Udagawacho store, the customer base had changed slightly, and I had been considering changing the place. Then in 2011, an earthquake occurred, and the house was aging, so I moved to the current place. I chose this place in Yoyogi Park without any special reasons.10 years ago, I rarely saw any interesting shops, and I didn’t expect Yoyogi to become so prosperous now.”

More Than "Selling"

Music and movie-related posters mainly from the 1960s to the 1980s have historical value no less than Vintage. For many years, Ide has sourced such posters through exclusive channels. With the changes of the times, its cultural and artistic connotation value is also increasing day by day.

Ide himself has done a lot of research on cultural content in this area. He edited and wrote articles by himself, and published books such as "VINTAGE POSTER SCRAP", "VINTAGE MUSIC T-SHIRT SCRAP" and so on.

Grand Gallery is not only selling these posters and Vintage T-shirts, but also remaining traces of cultural value in history. This concept is the core soul of Grand Gallery. From music labels, publishing houses, to exhibition halls and trendy shops, Grand Gallery's completely independent spirit is fully demonstrated in its multiple "identities".

One Of The Rare Dealerships Of GALLERY DEPT.

In addition, Grand Gallery is also one of the few representative stores of GALLERY DEPT., a popular clothing brand in Los Angeles, USA, which is managed by Josué Thomas. This also comes from the long-term trust relationship between the owner Ide and his deep digging of culture. As the leading agency in Japan, friends who are looking for GALLERY DEPT. items must not miss it.

The brand, GALLERY DEPT. is relatively small. If you are a customer who comes to the store at random, you may not be able to get it. Our store is modeled after the LA main store, and there is no price on the products, so sometimes customers will be surprised. A few days ago, a certain media wrote about the brand’s termination of Oolong without authorization, which is quite embarrassing. Don’t worry, this is fake news. We have already placed orders with the brand for several seasons/reached a long-term cooperation with the brand.”

For people who know/love such cultures and brands, the Grand Gallery must be the "Destination Store". For information about the store's regular holidays and the display that changes from time to time in the store, please go to the store's Instagram to check the latest information.


Grand Gallery

1F, Kishiberu, 1-5-3 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours : 13:00~19:00 (Closed on Wednesdays / Irregularly closed)