mastermind JAPAN Unveils its First Collaboration with GOLDEN CONCEPT

Text Yukihisa Takei

Two models of high-end Apple Watch cases will be released

The brand mastermind JAPAN, led by designer Masaaki Homma with its unique presence for many years, has announced its first collaboration with GOLDEN CONCEPT, a globally popular Swedish brand offering luxurious iPhone and Apple Watch cases, produced by HONEYEE.COM.

GOLDEN CONCEPT was founded in Sweden in 2015. The lifestyle luxury brand offers a number of products that blend high-tech materials and luxuriousness, including Apple Watch cases, and runs 3 flagship stores in Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. Their products are available at over 100 luxury retailers worldwide as well as the brand is known that loved by celebrities from all over the world.

For their first-ever collaboration, GOLDEN CONCEPT introduces two new cases that also fit the latest Apple Watch Series 8 and 7. Among the many models in the GOLDEN CONCEPT line-up, Masaaki Homma has selected two models: the solidly designed "RST" case made of titanium, and the "RSC using carbon fiber, both models made by mastermind JAPAN. Both models are based on mastermind JAPAN's signature color black but are finished with a gorgeous atmosphere.

It features mastermind JAPAN's iconic skull and crossbones logo throughout, while the buttons are made from luxurious crystals.

Also, the face can be changed on the Apple Watch to exclusive mastermind JAPAN wallpaper specially designed for these models.

These must-have two models for Apple Watch users and mastermind JAPAN fans will be released globally on 7th December. Both "RST" and "RSC” models will be available in limited quantities worldwide and come in a special box, so be sure to check them out if you don't wanna miss out.


powered by HONEYEE

Apple Watch Case "RST"
¥185,000(Tax included)

Apple Watch Case "RSC"
¥265,000(Tax included)


3-5-19, Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Openinng hours: 12:00 - 19:00
No fixed closing days (except New Year's holidays)
Tel: 03-6427-4368
*Exclusively available at GOLDEN CONCEPT flagship stores and selected retailers

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