Kazuyoshi Minamimago from BEAMS produces a special BGM for “Saunner”

The playlist is created by Taigen from the psychedelic rock band Bo Ningen.

In the last few years, saunas and public baths in Japan have become more than just a boom or a trend, they have become an established part of the culture. Not just for wellness purposes, they are also increasingly linked to cultures, such as fashion, art and music.

Kazuyoshi Minamimago of BEAMS who has been involved in a number of collaborations and productions is also one of them. The e-commerce site of Ryusenji no Yu, a public bath located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, is directed by Minamimago, and sells various items produced with his fashion sense.

As a new experiment, they've released a free playlist for saunner on their website. This playlist, featuring three original tracks, was created by Taigen from London-based psychedelic rock band Bo Ningen.

Taigen has produced these tracks putting the saunners first and comments: "The sounds and music in saunas vary from country to country and from facility to facility, and they resonate with our physical and mental state, soaking into our bodies and our memories as we experience them. In this project, we have tried to create a sound that has never been heard in a sauna before, but at the same time, we have tried to eliminate our egos as musicians and to extend the sauna experience for each guest. With my love for the sauna that always gives me insights and experiences, always keeps us in good shape both physically and mentally.