FOLKWOOD VILLAGE Yatsugatake opens its doors on 30 September
Three days event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Technics SL-1200 turntable
Ceramic brand HASAMI and artist Shuntaro Takeuchi have released their final collaboration
CUBISM Inc, the company behind visvim, launches the latest issue of its magazine Subsequence.
This book brings together valuable talks from the early days of Tokyo pop culture
Additional information announced from the latest Daniel Arsham x Pokémon collab
Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Gonzalez launch NFT project
"I want to sell music like selling clothes."
Our HF, Hiroshi Fujiwara, has teamed up with music producer team ALLe to launch a new music NFT platform ABCRECORDS, releasing 50 of his own songs on Friday 27 May 2022. The catchy name ABCRECORDS’ "ABC" stands for Authorised Bootleg Community. The name is very HF-like, playful and implicit. This interview was expected to be a story about Hiroshi Fujiwara, who has not hesitated to enter the NFT market, which is booming in recent years, but when we found out through this interview that he is working on this project while calmly keeping an eye on this NFT frenzy. HONEYEE.COM caught up with HF to learn more about the NFT and its relationship with music copyright.
Conversation with Kosuke Kawamura and Satoru Arai (Gallery COMMON)
“TRY SOMETHING BETTER", a solo exhibition of work by Japanese artist Kosuke Kawamura, known for his collage and shredding style, is being held to celebrate Gallery COMMON's reopening in a new location in Harajuku. HONEYEE.COM caught up with Kosuke Kawamura and Satoru Arai, the gallerist at COMMON, to find out more about the exhibition. We asked them about Kawamura's underground background and their relationship as an artist and gallerist who aims to make Harajuku a center of art culture.
THUNDERBOLT PROJECT takes over an entire floor of sequence MIYASHITA PARK
Contemporary multiartist collaborate with the pioneers of Japanese gay erotic art culture from the Showa era
The new solo exhibition of TIDE, who was catapulted into fame
Kazuyoshi Minamimago from BEAMS produces a special BGM for “Saunner”