Contemporary multiartist collaborate with the pioneers of Japanese gay erotic art culture from the Showa era
A collaboration between two timeless artists.

The words "diversity" and "inclusive" have now taken root, but Go Mishima was a leading figure in gay and erotic art culture in the Showa era (1926-1989), long before those words were even widely used in Japan. He continued to portray a unique image of Japanese males when gay culture was still in the minority. Mishima continued to draw unique images of Japanese men in the early days of the culture fostered by the sexual minority, which was even more secretive than today.

KOMIYAMA YUKA BOOKS, a collaborative book project which is run by an established bookstore in Jimbocho with a history of over 80 years, and GR8, which selects up and coming labels from around the world, will release a collaborative artwork by Go Mishima and Cali Dewitt. Cali is a Canadian-born multiartist who is known for his work for music labels, fashion brands and as merchandising design for famous artists. Although they come from different backgrounds and times, they may have something in common such as their free spirit, and their style that send out messages that can be seen as the antithesis of the world.

KOMIYAMA YUKA BOOKS presents a collection of 15 new exclusive artworks, combining Cali's famous "Plastic Sign Series" and paintings are taken from the book “Go Mishima: A Young Man", published by Daini Shobo in 1972.

There are no prints of Go Mishima's work and only the original art pieces exist. This collection will be available to purchase at GR8's online store in the US on Monday 29th November at 11:00 local time.

*The release in Japan is currently being confirmed.


Inkjet and acrylic on canvas / 24 x 36 inches / 4 works、All Unique / $4,500.00 USD each

Offset print, Vinyl stickers on plastic board / 18 x 24 inches / 11 works、Edition 3 / $800.00 USD each

*COA will be issued for each work.

Cali Dewitt (1973 - )
is a Canadian multiartist based in Los Angeles. He has worked and exhibited extensively in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is also the owner of the independent music label “Teenage Teardrops”, designer of the brand “SOME WARE”, organiser of the artist collective “WSSF”, and has designed merch for Kanye West.

Go Mishima (1924 - 1989)
is a Japanese gay erotic artist who lived in the Showa era. Named "Go Mishima" by the famous writer Yukio Mishima, he worked mainly as a gravure artist and illustrator for Japan's first commercial gay magazine "Barazoku" and Japan's leading gay magazine "Sabu".
After his death, only his close friends know the story of his life, but he is said to have been a man who arranged the crockery in the cupboard to perfection.