THUNDERBOLT PROJECT takes over an entire floor of sequence MIYASHITA PARK

Text by Takaaki Miyake

Specially designed toiletries are also on offer for guests

Japanese anime and street culture have developed along its own distinctive ways and have become hugely popular. Although the genres are different, POKÉMON and Hiroshi Fujiwara have established the foundations of each culture. Their joint project, THUNDERBOLT PROJECT BY FRGMT & POKÉMON, was announced in 2018.

The project, which has held pop-up events in various places, takes over the 16th floor of the hotel "sequence MIYASHITA PARK" in Miyashita Park, Shibuya. For a limited time, the entire floor and guest rooms will be decorated in the THUNDERBOLT PROJECT theme, with souvenirs included in the package. Reservations for the first round (from 22 January to 20 February) are now available on the official website of sequence MIYASHITA PARK.

Not only the specially designed floors and guest rooms, but also the exclusive shop opens that only guests can access, where many products such as the Kabigon motif items that are also featured in the main visual are available for purchase.

In addition, guests are offered special toiletries such as a set of scents inspired by “Fairy type Pokémon” Aromatisse produced by the fragrance brand retaW, a soft toy and slippers that gives THUNDERBOLT PROJECT feel at home.

*Some of the toiletries will be available for purchase.



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