This book brings together valuable talks from the early days of Tokyo pop culture

Text Yukihisa Takei

The first book by Kan Takagi, “Tokyo IN THE FLESH” will be released

Legendary DJ and producer Kan Takagi is best known for founding TINY PANX with Hiroshi Fujiwara and Japan's first club music label and production company MAJOR FORCE in the 1980s. His first book, Tokyo IN THE FLESH, will be released on Thursday 17 March 2022.

"in the flesh", as the title implies, this book features talks with NIGO®, Jun Takahashi, the designer of UNDERCOVER and other key figures in the Tokyo culture scene.The book is a must-have for anyone following Tokyo's pop culture scene, from music to fashion. The book also features the first-ever collaboration between collage artist Kosuke Kawamura and SKATETHING, reminding us that Harajuku and the rest of Tokyo's culture are still going strong.


Yann Tomita, Haruo Chikada, Jun Takahashi (UNDERCOVER), Kensho Onuki, NIGO®, Kyoko Koizumi, Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE), Haruomi Hosono, Yasuharu Konishi, Jun Togawa, ЯECK (Friction), K.U.D.O (MAJOR FORCE), EYE, YoshimiO 

To celebrate the launch of the book, there will be an event at Ebisu Liquid Room on Monday 7th March 2022. The event will have the following guests, including Kan Takagi, and looks set to be a monumental night.


Kan Takagi with ЯECK, Sugar Yoshinaga, Yuka Yoshimura / Yann Tomita / LUNASUN (Haruo Chikada & OMB) / Hajime Tachibana / Jun Togawa & Nobuo Nakahara / Bravo Komatsu / Seiko Ito is the poet / Yoshinori Sunahara / Love Hotel (NEKO, Ellie, Irumi), Scha Dara Parr, Zeebra, Masaya Nakahara, COMPUMA and etc.


Kan Takagi "Tokyo IN THE FLESH
Release date: Thursday, March 17th, 2022
Format: 480 pages, softcover 
Publisher: East Press
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Tokyo in the Flesh Kan Takagi KANREKI (60th birthday) Celebration Event
Date: Monday 7th March 2022 / Doors open at 18:00 / Starts at 18:30
Venue: Ebisu Liquid Room
Ticket: ¥5,500 (tax included, drink charge not included)