CUBISM Inc, the company behind visvim, launches the latest issue of its magazine Subsequence.

Text Takaaki Miyake

The works of artists and makers featured in the issue will be available for purchase at the new opening store in Nakameguro

CUBISM Inc, the company behind visvim, will release the latest issue of its self-edited and published magazine, Subsequence, which will be its fifth edition.

The theme of this issue, which took nearly a year to produce, is 'Body Presence'. With travel restrictions and all daily activities being simplified online and remotely, the team thought again about the importance of ' feeling things with your body'.

As well as interviewing artists, designers, musicians and other creatives about their own creations and how they relate to the body, it also introduces undiscovered crafts, art and culture from around the world.

Along with the cover essay, special features including a report by Hiroki Nakamura from visvim on his visit to an antique market in Kyoto, as well as a special supplement, the issue also features beautiful visuals reflecting the company's aesthetic and riched text, making the whole issue an impressive volume.

In conjunction with this release, there will be an event at visvim's new Nakameguro store (scheduled to open on 16 July) from 23 July, where the works and products of the artists, makers and artisans that are featured in the magazine will be available for purchase.


Japanese-English bilingual
160 pages, all colored
Size: 260mm x 372mm
Price ¥4,200 + tax (retail price in Japan)
Stockists: visvim official stores in the US, Europe and Asia and selected retailers in Japan, as well as other online stores
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3F Osawa Building, 3-3-10 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo