Three days event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Technics SL-1200 turntable

Text Yukihisa Takei

Special programmes with music from a group of star DJs streamed on DOMMUNE and a vinyl record market at Shibuya PARCO will be opened

Technics' SL-1200, the masterpiece of the turntable, played by famous DJs around the world, will celebrate its 50th anniversary with an event entitled “STORY of TURNTABLE”.

On 5 August, a special programme will be streamed on DOMMUNE from SUPER DOMMUNE studio at Shibuya PARCO (*free admission), which will follow the tracks of the SL-1200 with witnesses to its history and explore the future of DJ culture through the turntable.

On the following day, 6 and 7 August, a vinyl market will be held at ComMunE on the rooftop of Shibuya PARCO, bringing together some of the most-trusted stores among vinyl lovers. The market will feature a variety of old and new vinyl records and rare and exclusive titles from their collections.

There will also be 14 DJs lined up to play music, as well as a limited-edition SL-1200 in seven colors released as an anniversary model, and a display of rare turntables from archives, making it an excellent opportunity to see the history and tracks of the SL-1200 over the past 50 years and its current presence in the world.


5 August 19:00 - 24:00
at SUPER DOMMUNE *Free admission

<Part 1> The history and future of the SL-1200
Host: Tsutomu Noda (ele-king)
Speakers and DJs: Yasunao Agematsu (Technics), Masayuki Shiwa (Technics), Yosuke Kanrinin (OTAIRECORD)

<Part 2> The SL-1200 as a Masterpiece
Host: Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE)
Speakers and DJs: DJ NORI, MURO, Mizuhara Yuka, Kamome

<Part 3> DJ for ALL VINYL

6 and 7 August 11:00 - 21:00
at ComMunE (Shibuya PARCO 10F) *Free admission

Saturday 6 August
Vinyl stores: disk union, everyday records, FACE RECORDS, Organic Music, RECORD STATION
DJs: Chinbantei Goraku Shisyou, DJ JIN, Kaoru Inoue, DJ KAWASAKI, Mayu Kakihata, MURO, Peter Barakan

Sunday 7 Aug
Vinyl stores: Ciruelo Records, GENERAL RECORD STORE, HMV record shop, RECORD SHOP rare groove, Vinyl Delivery Service
DJs: Taku Kawanishi, Mizuhara Yuka, Natsu Summer, DJ NORI, Tatsuo Sunaga, Vinyl Youth, Yoshinori Hayashi

Technics SL-1200M7L
50th anniversary model of SL-1200, available in a limited edition of 12,000 worldwide