HONEYEE.COM has launched a selection series with top buyers who active in the Japanese fashion industry. They will recommend and evaluate the current season's items with a critical eye.

There are three buyers that will active in Vol.1, including BEAMS, a large-scale selection store, RESTIR, a fashion buyer's store with cutting-edge styles, and NIGHTHAWKS, an independent selection store in Fukuoka.

Text Takaaki Miyake
Translation Zhuoqin Li


There is no doubt that the collaboration produced by BEAMS must be sold out immediately. This time, among the many branch lines of BEAMS, BEAMS PLUS has a strong Amekaji style. The buyer who loves outdoor style, Shigeru Kaneko, recommends this exclusive model——Anorak hooded pullover jacket, which is ordered from MOUNTAIN RESEARCH.

In the 1950s and 1960s of the US, everyone went to Yosemite National Park wearing outdoor clothing bought from Europe. This time, Anorak, is further added the essence of British outdoor style to restore the traditional and classical feeling. It is made to highlight the 1950s and 1960s style, or the original American outdoor style. In addition, it can be matched with IVY series. People can coordinate directly with the outdoor style as well. Please enjoy the traditional outdoor style!

Setsumasa Kobayashi, the brand representative of MOUNTAIN RESEARCH, selects European Anorak as a blueprint among many archives to make the exclusive model. The classic animal embroidery pattern of Big Size on the arms is very suitable for the outdoor theme.  There is a zipper at the neckline, a length-adjusting clip is designed on the back of the hat, and drawstrings are made at the waist and hem for elastic adjustment. Also, the red color is chosen to set up a retro style. Such detailed design makes people fully feel the outdoor style of MOUNTAIN RESEARCH.

MOUNTAIN RESEARCH × BEAMS PLUS Exclusive Anorak ¥55,000

Shigeru Kaneko

Shigeru Kaneko was born in 1984 and worked as a store clerk. Now he works as a buyer at BEAMS PLUS. BEAMS PLUS is based on traditional American fashion, tooling and military style, and it adheres to the concept of “pure men’s wear that can be worn all year round without being easily outdated”. He is familiar with vintage. With the accumulation of taste, he has gradually developed a unique fashion orientation that does not follow the trend. He loves outdoor sports deeply, so he built a Log House camp by himself a few years ago.


The brand representative of BLIND MAN TOGS used to work as a buyer of Vintage in the United States. He officially launched this jewelry brand in 2008, and also continued to follow the characteristics of Vintage. In September 2022, the brand is introduced into RESTIR. This time, Yasu Asano, who has worked at RESTIR for five years, recommends this amazing ring to us.

"The designer self-assessed himself as ‘blind’, as the brand ‘s name suggests. Based on the interesting perspective and thought, coupled with the experience of his predecessor, Vintage Buyer, the unique impression of BLIND MAN TOGS has gradually formed. Each piece is unique due to the use of Tiffany & Co.'s antique silverware tableware as the raw material. While contrasting with the original design of the material, the essence of the brand's unique design is also subtly presented. In terms of materials, this work uses a combination of gold and silver materials, and the texture of the old details reflects the design to the greatest effect. "

When it comes to Tiffany & Co., the popularity of antique jewelry has been on the rise in recent years. The custom ring introduced this time is also made by Tiffany's antique silver tableware as the raw material. The configuration can be described as quite luxurious, so it has a unique charm bonus. At present, most of the other products sold by RESTIR have been sold out, and it is reported that additional new products will be added to the shelves on Holiday Season in December. Why don't you give it a place in your Christmas gift list ahead of time?

BLIND MAN TOGS Tiffany Angie Ri ¥161,700

Yasu Asano
Menswear Buyer & E-Commerce Manager of RESTIR Company

After graduating from university, Yasu Asano went to study in London. He continued his work as SA and fashion editor at that time. In 2013, he participated in the world famous concept store MACHINE-A as a buyer’s assistant. After returning to Japan in 2015, he worked at Harajuku GR8, and then joined RESTIR in 2017. He currently works around men's wear buyers, brand planning and e-commerce management.


Since its establishment in 2016, the popularity of NIGHTHAWKS can be described as hot. Domestic and foreign brands meet here, and then merge to form a new unique trend. Shishan, who has overseas purchasing experience, is the person in charge and the buyer of NIGHTHAWKS. What are the recommended items of the season he brought?

It is not only the first work of the designer I personally like, but also the two sides of the shoes appeal to me. Originally, the two were spliced together as raw materials. Thus, If you look closely, the upper of the shoe shows a asymmetrical design, including the detailed ventilation hole design, which also makes it look more like a pair of leather shoes. The low-key design just hits my heart. The glossy leather logo design on the heel is also very detailed. It not only shows a tribute to Sneaker Culture, but also differentiates it from the current trend. It is worthy to buy!

Hender Scheme brings its first flat training shoes with an insole to us. The upper is made of imported tanned leather and treated with an inner lining. Compared with the heel, the softness of the unlined structure at the toe and the breathable design are two plus points. It does not emphasize any functionality while creating a sense of military. In addition, it belongs to the category of Sneaker, but it has the clean and concise temperament of Urban.

Hender Scheme citizen trainer ¥38,500

Takashi Ishiyama
NIGHTHAWKS Owner & Buyer

Takashi Ishiyama moved to the UK after accumulating internship experience in a Japanese fashion PR company. He started the procurement business after he entered the LN-CC. After returning to Japan, he founded NIGHTHAWKS, an independent grocery store in Fukuoka. It is also active as a place to transmit culture, such as handling not only clothes but also records and books.